ADAM Offers Online Mediation, Arbitration and Appellate Strategy

The COVID-19 outbreak is affecting law firms in many ways. Travel restrictions, closed court houses, and bans on large meetings are just several of factors with the potential to impede or slow down the resolution of litigated files.

In response to these issues, ADAM offers Online Mediation, Arbitration and Appellate Strategy under the direction and supervision of three highly respected and experienced former judges at the Appellate Division, First Department.

Hon. Richard T. Andrias, Hon. James M. Catterson, Hon. David B. Saxe

Other Panelists Include:

  • Hon. Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick
  • Hon. Susan Phillips Read
  • Hon. Victoria A. Graffeo
  • Hon. Joseph Covello
  • Hon. Howard A. Levine
  • Hon. Barry A. Cozier

ADAM is able to assist you through video conferencing and other web conferencing options. For example, we are set up to offer Zoom, a popular online platform used for mediations and arbitration’s. ADAM will provide the Zoom accounts and there will be no cost to the parties. It is easy for counsel, mediators/arbitrators to use, and it allows all parties to the litigation to come together towards final resolution.

Please contact ADAM (212) 967-6799 ext. 125 or visit our website to schedule an online Mediation, Arbitration or Appellate Insight.