* ADAM was founded by a premiere group of retired appellate jurists to provide a new and innovative approach to arbitration and mediation services in New York for commercial, real estate, matrimonial and medical malpractice cases. ADAM panelists can also assist your litigation teams in preparing their appellate briefs and arguments, as well as providing meaningful insights regarding the appellate process.

* ADAM panelists have heard thousands of appeals during their judicial careers, and have published extensively. This level of experience provides attorneys, their clients and risk professionals with the most accomplished, unbiased and effective neutrals in the industry. ADAM panelists have presided over every conceivable type of civil case – especially, the complex commercial cases that fill the dockets of the New York County Commercial Division. All ADAM judges have been trial judges earlier in their careers and combined have presided over a thousand jury and non-jury civil cases.

* “We know the law, respect the law, and have helped shape the law. When we are involved as arbitrators or mediators, our neutrality and impartiality is the consequence of our long career as judges. Impartiality and neutrality are in our DNA,” said ADAM co-founder Hon. David B. Saxe (ret.). “In high stakes disputes, parties want to be confident that the arbitrator or mediator they select is not only experienced and qualified, but also has a command of the law” added ADAM co-founder Hon. Richard T. Andrias (ret.).

* ADAM neutrals have been actively involved as lawyers, arbitrators, mediators and trial and appellate consultants since they left the bench. Combining their judicial experience with their active post-judicial private sector involvement, ADAM neutrals are simply the Best of All Possible Neutrals.

* When arbitrating before an ADAM panelist, parties may elect to use our Commercial Arbitration Rules, or they can conduct the arbitration under their own rules and procedures. ADAM will also handle arbitrations subject to Dispute Resolution Agreements (DRA’s). Besides arbitration and mediation services, ADAM also offers Appellate Insights, Special Master Platforms, Moot Court Sessions and Mock Trial Preparation, Hybrid Med/Arb Claim facilitation, and Summary Jury Trials.

Please contact ADAM at (212).967-6799 ext. 125 or visit our website at adamadr.com