The Adam Edge in the Appeals Process

ADAM Neutrals have helped prestigious New York law firms and their clients prepare for the appeals process. ADAM’s Moot Courtroom and Appellate Insights programs may give you and your clients a decisive edge as well in the appeals process.

Using ADAM’s premiere panel of retired New York State Appellate Division Judges will help you maximize the effect of courtroom presentations—both the brief and the argument. A compelling oral argument, supplementing a thoughtful and well-crafted brief can help persuade the court to rule in your favor in a close case. The opportunity to persuade the appellate panelists should not be squandered.

Lawyers make strategic decisions on what arguments to advance, how they are prioritized and how to present them while drafting the appellate briefs. ADAM panelists will review your brief and assess whether or not an argument should be made and how it should be structured and prioritized with other points.

Likewise, ADAM panelists will listen to your oral arguments and provide the practitioner with a tough and thorough interrogation of the perceived weaknesses of your argument.

Extensive preparation for oral argument with the assistance of skilled moot court preparation, will give you the confidence and the experience to tackle the hard questions and facilitate your effort to persuade an undecided appellate panel. It can be all the difference between winning and losing.

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